"When the lessons of the past are offered without the stories that led to them, it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to learn from the experience of others.... Stories nourish our soul as well as our intellect." - Richard Stone
   I believe that the first story ever told was a response to a "Why...?" question. Since the question "Why?" is a direct off-shoot of the concept of purpose, storytelling is, and has always been the de facto means by which human beings process complex mysteries, receive historical accounts and appreciate culture. History was recounted through odes, songs and stories in everyday life and especially, by the fireside; in antiquity past. It was there by the fireside, that the people's purpose, heritage, history. life lessons, principles and culture were explained to them; through the artistic articulation of words, rhythm and instrumentation created by gifted artists. These stories of purpose translated themselves into the linguistic traditions, religious artworks, architectural feats, recreation, fashion taste, and mundane life of every tribe and nation on the Earth. 

The purpose of the storytelling media -arts and entertainment- is to establish and disseminate a unique way of living (culture) a community of people are to follow.

   The passing of time, and the influx of knowledge in the world metamorphosed the storytelling media into what we now call, the Arts and Entertainment industry. And today, through the Arts and Entertainment industry, the human story is carved, knitted, filmed, performed, sung, built, drawn, sewn, written, sculpted, modelled, cultivated, told and expressed in more ways than could ever be imagined! However, if the passing of time is anything to go by, it has proven that we have lost control and understanding of the purpose and proper use of this social-engineering tool. We have either misunderstood the purpose of the arts, media and entertainment sectors in our lives; or, we are intentionally misusing it for our own: personal ambitions, pursuit of what we perceive as happiness, insatiable desire to be successful, and constant craving of being in the limelight. Whatever the reason may be, it cannot be denied as a fact and a truth that world's mainstream culture (perpetrated by the Western world) has lost its purpose and its direction. This is mainly because of the irresponsibility of a majority of the stakeholders -artists, writers, producers, performers, athletes, businesses - in the Arts and Entertainment world. Instead of a culture where the love for humanity is the driving force, pop culture has become the order of the day: throwing the world, especially the younger generation, into an abyss of disillusionment, confusion, poor self-concept, disregard for authority and chaos. Hence, the urgent need to reveal the truth about the original intent of the Arts and Entertainment industry, and to expose the flawed system of its replacement - Pop culture. This is what 'APOKA-Lýptoun (revelation)' is all about.

 APOKA-Lýptoun (Greek for 'reveal') is a division of APOKA PICTURES Inc., which specializes in the teaching and training of artisans and businesses, in the purpose and proper use of the storytelling media - the Arts and Entertainment Industry. 

   This is the head and the heart of the APOKA vision.